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Diet/Seasonal Depression

Last week on my diet I lost 4 pounds. I’ve gotten a bit off my game this week but I’m holding steady.

This time of year is rough for me. I live in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle, which is gray, drizzly and dreary a good part of the time 9 months out of the year. I get seasonal depression and find it hard to care about much of anything. I just kind of want to hibernate until the dreariness is over.

I’m thinking I need to get ahold of some vitamin D and some K vitamins. I just put out my light therapy lamp that helps with combating seasonal depression and I’ll see if I can kick myself in gear! I’m currently reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, by Philip K. Dick. Not usually my reading genre, however, my daughter is taking a Literature and Film class and I’ve been reading some of the books and watching some of the movies. This book was the basis for Blade Runner. At the beginning of the book husband and wife are talking about dialing their machines, the Penfield Mood Organ, to set their moods and what they want to feel. For example, he has to go to work so he sets his in the business like setting. This time of year I could use one of those!

I taught my Religious Education class today and got the kids geared up and ready for Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. I need to find a new book for Lent this year or one from previous years and focus my efforts on the 40 days of Lent.

I will pull myself out of this pit with vitamins, my light therapy lamp and Lent. The sun would help too! I’m ready for spring!

Healthy Eating, Redefining Self!

Cooking is Therapy

Today was one of those days. Nothing went right, things out of my control tripped up the day, things that needed to get done. I was feeling super cranky. Worse I needed to cook dinner and what I had left on my list was Weight Watcher’s Chicken Pot Pies. This is not an easy quick recipe. The idea of cooking this, alone made me cranky on top of everything else. I wanted to “throw in the towel” scramble a couple eggs and sit and mope.

I got started as it really had to be done, my chicken was going to go bad, I really didn’t want scrambled eggs and my family really wanted the pot pies. I felt myself loosen up as I began chopping vegetables. My daughter walked in and we chatted, she helped a bit, but most of it I did on my own and I found it helped calm the cranky. I spent about and hour and half cooking and cleaning and I no longer feel cranky. Not only the therapy behind the cooking but also the fact that I got something done that was healthy and needed doing instead of skipping out, throwing in the towel and eating something not so healthy.

When you don’t feel like doing it, do it anyway. By the end you feel calmer and a sense of accomplishment where you would have been left feeling cranky without the accomplishment. And bonus I get to have a nice yummy healthy WW Pot Pie for dinner! Happy Cooking!

Healthy Eating, Redefining Self!

Social Gatherings and Food

Today I learned a lesson in social gatherings and food. It was my Priest’s birthday party and a bunch of us met at a Chinese Restaurant to celebrate. It was a fabulous time to spend with fellow parishioners and Father and develop relationships!

However…. My intention was to eat only a bowl of egg drop soup which was only 2 points. But I decided to go ahead and get Egg Foo Young. That turned out to be 4 points as I called it 4 items because it was big though, maybe it was only really one. I should have skipped eating the rice which was 6 points but still, 12 points isn’t bad especially for eating out. Now if I’d have left it there it would have been great!!!

Here’s the kicker. We finished lunch and sang Happy Birthday to Father then he walked around passing out birthday cake and I, not wanting to hurt his feelings, took one. Worse, I ATE IT. At the time I thought, well no big deal it’s only one tiny piece of cake and I have lots of extra points. However, when I got home I found out that it was a whopping TWENTY FIVE POINTS! Yes, one tiny piece of chocolate cake with frosting is twenty five Weight Watchers points.

What I learned today is this. Leave the rice to rot it’s not worth 6 points for 1 cup. And just say no to cake. Next time I will do it differently. Happy Birthday Father! No thank you on the cake.

Redefining Self!


Exercising is so important for your heart and muscles. My massage therapist suggested I try out Yoga for my neck and back pain (along with what I already do with Chiropractic care and massage therapy) I’m going to give that a try too! Yes there is an app for that!