Healthy Eating, Organization

The Kitchen

Of all the rooms in the house this is the one I hate the most. If I could ask God for something I think it might be that humans did not require food. This would take care of a multitude of health issues, weight gain, trying to come up with healthy menus, grocery shopping, kitchen utensil upkeep, cooking, cleaning…. I’m sure I could think of more here. Think about how much free time and extra money you’d have!

I am a perfectionist. My house cannot be clean enough, perfect enough, finished enough… Cue my two daughters in their 20’s who live at home and attend college, a 12 year old son and a husband. NOBODY wants to clean the kitchen past what they absolutely have to. That leaves cabinets that constantly require a re-arranging, a fridge that needs to be cleaned, microwave, sink, the front of my cabinets are in need of a good washing, the gas stovetop.. Uggg. Jobs I hate more than anything else. My girls sometimes help me with such things but school has had them busy. So, I’ve been overwhelmed by it and keep ignoring it but it can be ignored no longer!

Tonight at 12:30 a.m. I walked in my kitchen and decided to attack one cupboard. I cleaned the “bread” cupboard. Washed shelves, cleaned the doors inside and out. The wood around them and put back what was good in an orderly fashion. I figure tomorrow I’ll pick ONE and do that. If I attack ONE cupboard, inside and out I could handle getting it done that way. By the time that is done maybe the weather will clear and I can attack my yard!

Feeling oddly empowered by one clean kitchen cabinet at 1:30 AM!