Healthy Eating, Redefining Self!

Day 3- 5 days Pre-Detox

This is my 3rd day, 5 days pre-detox. However, as I found out today that my son and I “made the bus” on a pilgrimage with our Church on Monday, the nature of the trip will make it quite difficult for me to get started on my detox. So, I decided to start my detox Tuesday, therefore I’m putting it out one day.

Things I’m learning today:

I’m following 21daysugardetox on Instagram. I tell you this as today’s post was quite interesting. They said… Nutrient density: why real food matters more than calories. They go on to say that calories in=calories out is not really the case. That in order to metabolize carbohydrates and turn them into energy, you need B vitamins and the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and chromium. So, if you eat bad carbs, which are refined, processed, nutrient-poor carbs they do not contains all these vitamins and minerals naturally. Which means, your body has to use stored versions of these nutrients just to break down your food. This means that you are taking out nutrients from your body without replacing them which leads you to feel lethargic…. Ah ha I say!

In the book I’m reading, Fat Chance by Robert H. Lustig, M.D. I’m learning about Leptin and how leptin works. If you aren’t eating enough and your body goes into “conservation mode”, what’s happening is your not getting enough leptin you feel miserable, your energy goes down and your vagus nerve goes into overdrive, which drives up your appetite, insulin and your energy storage. Therefore, not eating enough can have the reverse effect we are looking for as well as actually cause you to later overeat.

Both of these readings today further cements the idea… eat enough of the right Whole Foods.

I learned in my 21 Day Sugar Detox today how important it is to clean the bad foods out of your cupboard before making your lifestyle change, so that, when you are tempted to reach for that bag of cookies or gee lets make some pasta, those things are not there to tempt you. I also learned that many of your favorite foods can be modified into a healthy version.

While this can all sound daunting I know that you can re-train your brain, just like I know that you can train it to eat unhealthy again. A new and healthy lifestyle can become habit the way your current lifestyle is habit! Commit and focus during the training period turning the new into habit. Stay strong!!

Healthy Eating, Redefining Self!

6 Days Pre-Detox 21-dsd

This is my second post regarding my new healthy diet/lifestyle change.

I find I really like how this program gives me a week to prepare for my new lifestyle. It may seem like you just want to jump right in but in the week of lead up gives you a chance to study and understand the program. At the same time I’m reading Fat Chance Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease by Robert H. Lustig M.D. I started it this morning and got 14% through before I had to go pick up my son from a class he’s taking. While I’m finding the book to give me more information than I want and am anxious for him to get to the information I want to hear about, he’s quite thorough in helping you to fully understand how the body, digestive system, hormones etc.. are all effected by food.

Today, for the 21-dsd, she takes you though where sugar hides. While I already knew these things it’s a good refresher and encouraging me to make my own salad dressings, mayo and sauces, which there are recipes for in the recipe section of the book. Also, you’re supposed to start thinking about your “Why” (everyone it seems does this “your why” thing) Why am I doing this detox. At the end of the week your supposed to actually write it out as you’ve been thinking. Here’s my why right now and let’s see if it changes as I learn new things in the remaining days Pre-Detox….

My Why

I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been. I feel the worst I ever have. I have fallen into bad habits of easy and fast what tastes good foods. I want to do this “detox” to re-train my brain. To cook healthy Whole Foods. For my cholesterol to go down and for my kids to learn good eating habits with me so that we can all take what we learn and make it habit. Just the way we eat. Healthy and full of energy.

Redefining Self!, Rodan and Fields

Rodan and Fields Soothe Regimen

I have never been impressed by skin care products until recently. I never really found anything to really do what it promised. My sister-in-law got me into the Rodan and Fields products and ultimately signed me as a Consultant. I have tried on myself and my kids, several Rodan and Field’s products and I’m finding they deliver real results! I’m hooked!

Today I want to tell you about the Soothe Regimen.

Rodan and Field’s states: Soothe Regimen combines clinically tested active OTC ingredients with our exclusive RFp3 peptide technology to shield against the environmental aggressors associated with dry, chapped, sensitive skin. So effective, the Soothe Regimen can decrease visible redness, peeling and dryness. The result? A healthy-looking, even-toned complexion every day.

My son: He’s 12 and developing acne. We were trying over-the-counter methods of blemish control and tried Unblemish. His skin is super sensitive and did not react well to anything. In fact, his skin burned and was very red and uncomfortable. I put Soothe #2 on him and the pain diminished and the redness started to fade. He now uses it twice daily to build him up to try Unblemish again if he needs to but his acne is fading using the Soothe alone!

My daughter: Has Karatosis Pilaris. We are using the Micro-Abrasion Paste and Soothe #2 as recommended. She has just started but so far it’s going well. I have a before picture and I’m anxious for her to use it awhile and post an after picture!

My 2nd daughter: Has patches of red, dry, irritated skin. She’s been using the Soothe and was very impressed at how the red patches are clearing up, aren’t so bumpy and rough and on their way to healing up!

This regimen has a variety of uses.

If you think Rodan and Fields Soothe Regimen may be the key to helping you with your skin care troubles drop me a line. I’m happy to answer any questions! lauraannk@myrandf.comĀ  Or check out my Rodan and Field’s Webpage at

Healthy Eating, Redefining Self!

I have a diet plan!

While I’m calling it a diet plan what I really mean is a lifestyle change. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the new “craze” out there is take out sugar and sugar substitutes and carbs and instead eating healthy fats. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, researching and talking. I’m willing to give this a try and check my cholesterol and weight changes to see how well it works. Do my own “research”.

The thing that scares me is that after my Mom’s heart attack she was told to eat low fat and low cholesterol foods. Research shows however, that it’s not so much the fat that is the culprit as sugar is. Fat is digested in such a way that it doesn’t hang around the body. It gets used and then “leaves”. Where as sugar does not. Sugar, as they say, hangs around the body, turns into fat and it’s what is clogging your arteries. By eating low fat you’re getting the opposite effect as what you are looking for! They take out the fat but they replace it with sugar so you have some taste. It is better for you, they say, to eat the full fat product instead. To avoid the cholesterol issues you eat healthy fats and high fiber. Fiber binds to bad (LDL) cholesterol and lowers and keeps your cholesterol at healthy levels.

I am starting my new lifestyle change with the 21-day Sugar Detox. While I tend to be one of those people to find the word “detox” a “bad word” I bought and have read the book, The 21-day Sugar Detox Daily Guide by Diane Sanfilippo, and understand her meaning behind detox and why she keeps the word. I have found reading the intro increased my understanding of her ideas. Basically it means for me, to learn a new and healthier way of eating and to re-train yourself to enjoy healthier Whole Foods instead of the processed and low fat sugary foods.

So, no more bakery for me! But one of the things I identified with her on in her introduction is that I don’t feel very well most of the time. I am tired, sluggish, achy, hangry (hungry plus angry) I take food with me wherever I go because I’m afraid to crash, I get dizzy and sick feeling. It is explained in this book that is due to the sugary crap I’m eating and eating healthy Whole Foods without the sugar and eating the healthy fats will fix those things! I’m super excited to see if it works the way “they all” say it will.

I’m on the pre-detox week. Day one. I have finished the intro and ready to start on Day one. In this week we learn the “rules” and the “yes no list” basically we learn to understand the diet and learn where sugar hides. We write down what we are eating so we can compare the before and after. She has nice little encouragements with each day as well, which I need a lot of! I’m anxious to start on next week but also understand the importance of a prep- week. I need to clean out my cupboards and fridge, grocery shop and fully understand this diet before jumping in and feeling over my head and being confused.

I’m a bit worried about the amount of time I will be spending in the kitchen. I’m feeling as thought I have to change my thought processes. This is not only a lifestyle change in the way I eat but also in the way I live my life! I like to get a box of something and make dinner real fast. Or grab a couple quick ingredients and make it quick and easy. I hate to cook and clean the kitchen. I start to feel like my whole life is about preparing food, eating food and cleaning up after. I really hate that. So, I have to change my mindset. Do, you want to feel better? Do you want to get your weight back down? Do you want to be able to buy the clothes you want to wear? So, this week is going to be a week of preparation in more ways than one. But, I’m feeling committed to change and willing to do what it takes to get healthy.


My Short Story, by Laura King Copyright 2018 First Draft

Work was the pits as usual. I sulk back to my desk after another stupid useless meeting and sit in my chair. I put my pen back in my coffee cup I use for pens. My sister got it for me as a joke last Christmas because I’m a coffeeaholic. It says “No Coffee, No Workie.” We got a good laugh out of it. It, of course, prompted a lecture about good work ethic from our Dad. He never did understand humor.

I pull up the program with my forms my boss insisted I fill out, you know, those useless ones nobody actually looks at or ever needs that are a massive waste of time. But, oh well, I get paid right? Maybe I need to do something about my life, I think as I begin my report. By about box 15 my phone rings and I jump though the roof! Box 15 takes a lot of thought.

“Hi Page!” It’s my best friend Maggie. “Let’s grab a drink at Jake’s Bar tonight.” I’m thrilled, the thought of going home to that empty apartment sounds more dreary than my job tonight. I definitely need to examine my life and do something about the dreary bore that it has become. “Absolutely! 8:00 sound good?” She agrees and I feel less bleak. Hitting send on my report I slam down the lid of my work laptop, tidy up my desk, grab my purse, and wave goodbye to my one of my co-workers and head for the bus.

The rain is coming down in droves and as I finally make it to the protection of the overhead awning across from the bus stop. I realize I’m soaked from head to toe. I begin to shiver and the state of my misery becomes all the more apparent. Maybe I should begin a new life in Arizona I think as the bus makes a screeching stop at the curb. I wait for the bus to unload. Three men step out with brief cases and fedoras and long rain coats. Their banter and laughing seems to fill up all the usable noise space in the area despite being outside. I step onto the bus and sit shivering in my seat.

As the bus jerks and starts us on our journey I notice the man across from me reading the paper. The front page has a big picture of the President and he doesn’t look very happy. I roll my eyes and think how much I just don’t want to know what is going on now. It’s never good news. The lady across and to my left is trying to keep her 4 year old boy from driving everyone else crazy. The kid is everywhere and looks like he must have eaten an entire bag of cotton candy for how wired he is. I smile at the lady who looks at me apologetically. Out the window the rain continues to fall washing away all the street grime down the storm drains. At least Seattle will smell better tomorrow.

Aurora Ave and Galer, the bus driver informs us. I watch my fellow Seattalies disembark with me or walk past me to embark, going about their evening. I wonder what their lives are like and if they can give me some ideas on what to do with my own. I climb the stairs lost in this thought, walk past a set of apartments, through the parking lot, turn the key in my lock and enter my apartment.

Well, it smells great in here! The cleaning lady had been and gone and it lifts me spirts a bit to find everything spic and span and so tidy. I take a shower and take my time picking out something fun to wear to the bar. I examine all five feet three inches of myself to make sure my outfit still fits alright. It better for all the time I spend down at the apartment gym. I style my brown hair straight, careful not to let any of my natural curl keep it’s shape. When I straighten it it falls a bit past my shoulders. I contemplate cutting it into a shorter bob or leaving it as is. Maybe I’ll let it grow and get long. I can’t decide so I decide to do nothing for now. I pop in a pot pie and eat in front of an old re-run of Seinfeld, clean up and head for Jakes. This time I take my rain coat so I can stay dry.

I find Maggie at our usual place at the bar. She greets me with a warm hug and big smile. We each order a martini and begin our usual chat about how much we hate our jobs. I tell her my thoughts on Arizona and thinking about how I need to make some drastic changes in my life. All the thoughts that have been running through my head since that mind numbing meeting come flowing in a long run on sentence. I sound like that kid on the bus, I think as I go on and on and on. “Maybe you should, Page, you know? You’ve been in a rut for far too long sweetie. I have to admit, I’ve been worried about you.” “There is just nothing for me Maggie, nothing. I feel like I have just nothing to live for.” I spew forth. Maggie nods her head and gives me a big hug. She looks at the bar tender, whom I’m suddenly aware has been watching us, and starts to order another round as her phone starts to ring. “Oh drat Page, it’s Kevin, If I don’t answer he’ll get all worried.” She says as she rolls her eyes and walks away with her finger pointing up at the ceiling and mouths, “just a minute.” Oh to have someone call me up and worry about me, I think and turn my attention to the bar tender.

“I’ll have whatever you suggest. I’m kind of sick of martinis. Surprise me will ya.” I say feeling pouty but unable to help myself. He comes back with something, I don’t ask and take a few sips wondering how much longer Maggie is going to be. I wonder if she’ll have to go or if maybe we can see a movie and get a hot dog. I must need some food because I start to feel a bit dizzy. I guess my pot pie wasn’t enough. The bar fades, becomes blurry, I see the bartender, he’s watching me, through the haze I see he’s smiling at me. I begin to tell him something is terribly wrong when my vision clears.

While it’s the bartender standing in front of me the room looks completely different. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before, the people around us don’t seem to notice this extreme change of scenery they keep on talking like everything is as it was. Only as I look at them I notice they don’t look right either. I blink my eyes and push my drink away. The bartender leans forward and tells me his name is Carter and asks me my name. He’s tall and blonde and quite fit. He has a look about him that I find comforting like he’s an old friend. I feel myself relax and listen as Carter explains what has happened.

“What you see right now, this is the real world. Where you’ve been living, where they are now, he jesters to the people in the room, is what they want you to see.” Carter looks at me for a sign of understanding then continues. “The Government puts a drug in our immunizations from the time we are babies, the drug keeps us complacent, keeps us where they want us, I just gave you the antidote.” He stops and scans me again. “I am part of a resistance movement we are trying to stop the government. We want to fight back and take back the world and the lives we are meant to live. Life isn’t supposed to be like it is. Will you join us Page? The antidote won’t last much longer and you will return to their world. Think about what I said, here’s my card. If you want in come back when you are ready and I’ll tell you some more.” He slides a card into my hand as the room fades out, the dizziness returns, then the old bar fades back in.

I’m shaking off the last of the blur when Maggie walks back over. “Well, you won’t BELIEVE what he’s done now Page!” Maggie goes on about Kevin and his antics but I don’t hear a word as I wonder what just happened. Or did it happen. I see the bartender and he looks at me and winks. In my hand is a card.

To be continued…..


Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

I recently read the book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. Published 2009 This is an Historical Fiction inspired by the events of the American Japanese relocation after Pearl Harbor.

I tell everyone I know who loves to read, to read this book! As someone who is a history enthusiast I found this book particularly interesting. While there are many Historical novels about the Holocaust, the Japanese relocation is not a popular writing subject which makes this book particularly unique and an important read. The story takes place in and around the Seattle Washington area where I live. If you are from the Seattle area chances are you know many of these places and know them well. This also makes this book particularly interesting as living on the west coast we don’t have an abundance of history.

The story is gripping not only in it’s fictional story telling but also in the facts in History. I looked up many of these things and found them to be true. This is very important as far as I am concerned in an Historical fiction. I always find it disappointing when I find a book has many incorrect “historical facts”. This story does a fabulous job of pulling the reader into the story and giving you a real feel for what it would be like to have been these people. Born an American, to live in America, but because of your ethnicity and a situation beyond your control, which you have no part of, you are feared and hated. You understand what it felt like for them to lose everything, their homes, their livelihoods, all of their positions and what life was like in their relocation camps.

I have never been to the real Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (The Panama Hotel). This is one of the last remaining remnants of old Japantown. The next time I make a trip into downtown Seattle I want have lunch in the tea room at the Panama Hotel and see the pictures of the real people who lived there and some of their treasures they left behind in the now lost and forgotten “Japantown”.

Redefining Self!


Exercising is so important for your heart and muscles. My massage therapist suggested I try out Yoga for my neck and back pain (along with what I already do with Chiropractic care and massage therapy) I’m going to give that a try too! Yes there is an app for that!