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Birthday Card for Granny

Paper Pumpkin. I can’t say enough good things about it. The kit is great for every level of paper crafter. You can give them to kids who’s only supplies are what’s in the kit up to the most experienced paper crafter with all the “gear”.

The flowered paper was a card from the kit. I used one of my thinlits in my Big Shot to cut it out. The cording, Happy Birthday tag, stamps and decorative leaves came from Paper Pumpkin. I used some card stock I had, Tranquil Tide, for the embossed portion in my Big Shot with one of my embossing folders and Whisper White for the card itself. I also had some pearl embellishments to add.

All Products including Paper Pumpkin are by Stampin’ Up!

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June 2018 Paper Pumpkin

This Month’s Paper Pumpkin was a fun one. We just got a new catalog with a bunch of new Suites and new things to play with. One of the new Suite’s we got is called Broadway Bound. This month’s Paper Pumpkin was kind of like getting to play with a sample of that Suite!

This is a sample of what came in the box.
This is one of Stampin’ Up!’s ideas
This is another one of Stampin’ Up!’s ideas.
I made up this one.
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A look at a Paper Pumpkin Box! (Video)

Paper Pumpkin is a monthly (19.95) or prepaid (1,3,6,or 12 month) subscription. You can cancel or suspend at any time.

You get everything you need to create a fun paper project. You can create the cards or boxes they suggest. You can create your own or you can turn your papers into scrapbooking pages! It’s fun and as easy! For more information click here to visit my Stampin’ Up! Page


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April’s Paper Pumpkin Kit!

My monthly Paper Pumpkin subscription showed up in the mail today! I had a lot of fun working on these and look forward to using the rest of the kit as well. I’m thinking I’ll make some larger greeting cards with some of the remaining papers. Right now Paper Pumpkin is 1/2 off the monthly $19.95 subscription! Email me at for your Code! My Website:

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My Card Making Obsession

I have always wanted to get into paper crafts and try as I might I got nowhere with it. My projects never turned out and I had no idea what I was doing. My sister-in-law started selling Stampin Up. I was still lost but Paper Pumpkin caught my eye. This is one of those get a box a month things. Stampin Up sends you a kit to make various paper projects, mainly cards. So, I got myself started on Paper Pumpkin and now I’m having so much fun and they turn out! I actually MAILED 2 cards this week! I ordered a bunch more Stampin Up stuff so I could make more, I got a bunch of those done. I got more ideas and I’m ready to get a bit more complicated and branch out so I went to buy more and decided I better take Tammy’s advice and become a demonstrator so I could get the discounts and hopefully sell some and support my hobby! I signed up for that today! I’m so excited and I have so many ideas. Here’s a few of my latest fun cards….

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Paper Pumpkin

I just started Paper Pumpkin though Stampin Up. I got my kit yesterday and did the first two cards. The fun part about this is they didn’t take me all day and they turned out!

I’ve tried to get into paper crafts and I’m never happy with the result. Perhaps I need classes or I’m just inept. I got myself a Cricut, a bunch of supplies and got myself frustrated. I’m not sure why I find it so frustrating as I enjoy doing fussy things. My favorite crafty thing to do is cross-stitch and needlepoint. Then again I can’t knit to save my life so perhaps with paper projects a kit just is the best thing for me and I have to say it is super fun!

I opened my kit up and oooooed and awwwwwwed then I got online and watched someone else do the cards in a video because I was just super lost. Thank you lady on You Tube!! Then I made my own. They aren’t perfect. There are a few flaws. I would, however, be proud to mail them to someone.

I promptly got on my step-sister-in-law’s Stampin Up page and ordered more! No more crazy expensive, soon to be tossed, frustrating to find a good one, Hallmark cards for me! If you know me you’ll be getting hand made by me cards from now on. (Insert toothy grin here)