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Diet/Seasonal Depression

Last week on my diet I lost 4 pounds. I’ve gotten a bit off my game this week but I’m holding steady.

This time of year is rough for me. I live in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle, which is gray, drizzly and dreary a good part of the time 9 months out of the year. I get seasonal depression and find it hard to care about much of anything. I just kind of want to hibernate until the dreariness is over.

I’m thinking I need to get ahold of some vitamin D and some K vitamins. I just put out my light therapy lamp that helps with combating seasonal depression and I’ll see if I can kick myself in gear! I’m currently reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, by Philip K. Dick. Not usually my reading genre, however, my daughter is taking a Literature and Film class and I’ve been reading some of the books and watching some of the movies. This book was the basis for Blade Runner. At the beginning of the book husband and wife are talking about dialing their machines, the Penfield Mood Organ, to set their moods and what they want to feel. For example, he has to go to work so he sets his in the business like setting. This time of year I could use one of those!

I taught my Religious Education class today and got the kids geared up and ready for Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. I need to find a new book for Lent this year or one from previous years and focus my efforts on the 40 days of Lent.

I will pull myself out of this pit with vitamins, my light therapy lamp and Lent. The sun would help too! I’m ready for spring!


Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

I recently read the book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. Published 2009 This is an Historical Fiction inspired by the events of the American Japanese relocation after Pearl Harbor.

I tell everyone I know who loves to read, to read this book! As someone who is a history enthusiast I found this book particularly interesting. While there are many Historical novels about the Holocaust, the Japanese relocation is not a popular writing subject which makes this book particularly unique and an important read. The story takes place in and around the Seattle Washington area where I live. If you are from the Seattle area chances are you know many of these places and know them well. This also makes this book particularly interesting as living on the west coast we don’t have an abundance of history.

The story is gripping not only in it’s fictional story telling but also in the facts in History. I looked up many of these things and found them to be true. This is very important as far as I am concerned in an Historical fiction. I always find it disappointing when I find a book has many incorrect “historical facts”. This story does a fabulous job of pulling the reader into the story and giving you a real feel for what it would be like to have been these people. Born an American, to live in America, but because of your ethnicity and a situation beyond your control, which you have no part of, you are feared and hated. You understand what it felt like for them to lose everything, their homes, their livelihoods, all of their positions and what life was like in their relocation camps.

I have never been to the real Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (The Panama Hotel). This is one of the last remaining remnants of old Japantown. The next time I make a trip into downtown Seattle I want have lunch in the tea room at the Panama Hotel and see the pictures of the real people who lived there and some of their treasures they left behind in the now lost and forgotten “Japantown”.


My Mother’s Secret

I just finished a book, My Mother’s Secret by J.L. Witterick. It was published in 2013 This book was inspired by a true story about a woman and her daughter who hid two Jewish families and a German soldier during WWII. A very quick read. I would recommend this book….

I love historical novels and have read quite a few especially on WWII. This was one of those books where you get several different perspectives on the same events. That makes for a very interesting story. As I read stories I get very caught up and feel as though I’m living in them. This story gave me a many things to think about. Being the person hiding these people, putting my family in danger, the people being hidden and how it would have felt to have had my life ripped away, the worry for my family, the people I lost. I would like to think I would be that person that no matter the consequences I would have hidden people. Or if I had done the hiding that I would have been brave enough to have snuck out to figure out how to do it. Stories like these give me a determination in my life to do the right thing no matter the cost. Maybe it means I don’t make the kind of money I would have liked to have or not have gotten an opportunity I wanted. But, I know deep down that I did the right thing and that’s something to be proud of. Always follow that gut feeling. The end of the book left us with a quote: Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable. -Sidney J. Harris