Diet/Home Chef

I’m down my first 5 pounds!! Now to focus on the next five!

I’ve had trouble loosing weight the last few years as I’ve gotten lazy about cooking. I used to cook most all time time and did a good job with healthy cooking, then I burned out. I felt like my whole life was making a weekly menu, shopping for food, making food, cleaning up after the food. I wanted to be one of those people you see in the movies who live in New York City and order take out all the time so their life could be about something other than food. I just wanted to order take out or just find something simple and move on. Unfortunately you can’t do that and lose weight or be healthy!

I started Blue Apron a couple years ago and felt like it cut out the making the menu and shopping but was a whole lot more work and calories than I wanted. Then I found Home Chef here a few weeks ago and I’m liking it pretty well.

You can order Lunch and Dinner. They put all your ingredients into labeled bags and give you the recipes that go with the bags. I picked the Calorie and Carb conscious menu and I get enough for 6 as there are 5 in my family and we have some leftovers.

The one draw back would be that they don’t use low calorie fats such as butter or dressings. I would like to see that change, in fact I might submit a request. However there are a few simple things you can just keep in your fridge and substitute easily.  I like Promice Heart Healthy Essentials butter. No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, 80 calories per 1 tbsp and 3200mg Omega 6La per serving. That can be substituted for Home Chef’s fatty butter. The other thing would be a bit of a variety of salad dressings. Picking a good low fat/low calorie creamy variety and a vinagarette as well as a good Asian dressing would cover most recipes.

I don’t like nor do I want all the calories and time of the recipes they pick so I get on the app and pick what I want before it ships. Dinner recipes take some time to prepare and when I’m in the mood for them are fairly easy and don’t take too long. Calories can be a bit high for losing weight though so you have to be careful with what you pick and be sure you are counting those calories before you eat anything else.

One thing I like a lot is using recipes off the lunch menu as dinner. First off they are lower calories and my favorite part is these recipes are about a 10 minute put together and away you go! There are days I just don’t want to cook and these are awesome and yummy too.

Tonight I made Chicken Caprese Brown Rich Bowl. It was tasty but my favorite part was heating rice and chicken in the microwave and throwing the rest in a bowl and stirring. Done! A tip for the “bowls” recipes. If there is rice involved I recommend putting your rice in a microwave safe bowl then put in about a cup of water (for 6 servings) and microwave about 4 minutes. When I only heated it up in their container for a couple minutes my rice was super dry and felt like it hadn’t been cooked long enough. The added water and time made it perfect. I also heated the chicken even though they didn’t say to as I wanted mine to be a warmer dish. I really enjoyed it!

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