Repurposing Old Fencing!

We used to have a little fence around our, fortunately for me, very long driveway that separated it from the backyard. After the fencing had to come out to work on the septic tank my husband didn’t want to put it back up so there was a pile of fencing in a big pile we had of things that needed to go to the dump. I got this idea of using that old fencing after seeing fun ideas on HGTV and Pinterest. I rescued it all from the dump pile, which is now gone by the way, and have it stacked in my backyard until I could get to it.

There is more there than it looks like and I have a thousand ideas for using it around my house! Today I painted and distressed one to see how it would work and if I had any aptitude for it at all…

Turns out as Haley Mills said in Summer Magic “Mother, any idiot can hang wallpaper”…. well, as it turns out, any idiot can distress a bit of fencing! Clean it, paint it, sand it. As my husband likes to say “Easy peasy lemon squeezie”. My plan was not for them all to be white. My house is very beachy and I want my fencing to be that beachy look. Therefore I took a trip to Lowes, found a beach paint pallet and picked out 5 colors. The “pink” one is actually white just keeps turning out pink in pictures. I can’t seem to get a picture that looks like they do in person, but they are gorgeous!! I’m super excited!

My next step with these is to take all the fencing apart, take out all the staples and clean them. Then I’ll sort them into 5 equal piles and start painting. I can’t wait to start on my first project with them!

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