Day 2 Diet Journal

Today in the diet saddle I did ok. 1,683 calories. Not awesome. However, I learned one big thing. I need to cut WAY down how how much popcorn I make! Everything else was awesome!

When my husband and I have a TV night we pop popcorn. I cook it in a popcorn twirler on the stove with Crisco Blends oil. It’s cholesterol free and has Omega 3’s. That does not mean that it doesn’t have calories! This popcorn is my favorite food and fun to watch TV and munch! It’s great for the munchies! However, I counted the calories AFTER eating it. Next time I’ll make much less. This taught me to check calories FIRST.

My garage is clean and ready for exercising. I didn’t get to it today as I have had a terrible neck/headache all day I can’t shake for anything. Exercising would have made it worse so I stuck to stretching and my Denerol. It’s still there.

My first goal is to loose 10 lbs in my first month, 5 every month after. I’m already down 4. I’m sure it’s to do with all the water weight gain from eating out on my trip. Six to go by June 30th….

My goal tomorrow is to add exercise….

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