Travel Journal Entry: North Eastern Oregon

Memorial Weekend falls on my oldest daughter’s birthday and the two of us took a girls weekend getaway. Here’s our story…

We live on the Kitsap Peninsula and were headed for North Eastern Oregon. In order to get there you have to cross I5 though a lot of Seattle area cities before you hit Snoqualmie Pass and the less populated Eastern Washington. As we aren’t into the traffic we left at 2:00 AM. We are night owls and this is our favorite time of “day” so we were super excited. Roads were nice and clear smooth sailing!

We like the show Northern Exposure. The show was filmed, in part, in the town of Roslyn Washington, which is on our way. We have taken this route before but have never stopped! It was after 4 and we could see the sun was just beginning to think about rising so we decided to see what we could see. The town is super small but we found 2 landmarks and vowed to go back durning the daylight. There are a couple shops that looked like fun and the cafe. It’ll make a fun day trip this summer! We took a couple pictures while we were there…

After Roslyn we headed for our first destination of Pendleton, Oregon. We got a little bite to eat at a fun cafe in the Historic District, the Hamley Cafe….

Then we checked into our hotel and took a nap! We tried to book a tour of the famous Pendleton Underground, but unfortunately it was full. I recommend making reservations a bit farther in advance. We found St. Mary’s Catholic Church and attended Mass. It was fascinating to see how differently their Church celebrates Mass than ours. I’ve been to several different Churches out vacationing and have yet to see such a vast difference. Pretty Church…

We found a pizza parlor and had dinner then headed over to the Whitehorse Casino for a bit of fun. We didn’t do great but came out a little bit ahead! The Penny Train is always a good time.

On Sunday everything was closed. We took a short drive to Echo Oregon and found a little shop called Rendezvous Vintage. I wish I’d taken a picture but I didn’t. The owner was in the shop working on some things and left the door open welcoming shoppers even though she was supposed to be closed! We had so much fun in there! I found an old vintage window I’m excited to put up in my house somewhere and decorate with pictures. The owner is super nice and had so many fun things! I had trouble picking only one! The little town museum was open as well and we were given a tour by a little girl named Braylin. It’s quite possible I spelled that wrong. I would say she was about six years old. Cutest tour guide ever, who pointed out.. we have pictures here, and a blanket there, and I don’t know what that is… In their basement they have old newspapers I would have loved to have bought off of them….

We toured the Pioneer Cemetery, fascinated by the families and interesting grave markers. We then headed back to the casino and had dinner in the bar, watched baseball and NASCAR on the TVs and then spent some time at the slots. We didn’t do very well but we had a really fun evening.

The next day we took off for Baker City Oregon. We took the scenic route, it was a beautiful drive!

I didn’t get a picture but we followed a river for much of the way. We stopped in Sumpter and took a tour of the gold Dredge. The Dredge is said to be haunted and was featured on one of the haunting shows, though I don’t remember which one. No we didn’t see a ghost….

We then headed for our hotel the gorgeous Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City. We’ve stayed here before and It’s quite a treat! Also said to be haunted, though again we didn’t see a ghost. I guess they don’t like us. This hotel was falling apart when it was restored by it’s current owners. They did an amazing job. They have a gift shop, a bar, and a formal dining room. As it was my daughter’s birthday we had a lovely dinner in the dining room and sent for desert to our room and watched a movie. They have a nice selection of movies you can rent from them, for free, and take back to your room. I am always impressed by the very friendly staff.

The next morning was our last day. Before the long drive home we had breakfast at the Oregon Trail Diner. We love it in there. It’s super fun to sit at the bar and watch the waitresses work. If they don’t love their jobs you wouldn’t know it! They always make me want to work there. We went from there to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. This is one of the neatest Interpretive Centers I’ve been to. You really get the feel for what it would have been like to have been a Pioneer on the Oregon Trail. My favorite part is visiting the actual ruts! To stand where they traveled is awe inspiring…


After that we headed home and had fun dinner at a Mexican Restaurant in Yakama. We made it home about Midnight and had a nice soak in the hot tub after a long evening of driving!

We had lots of fun, the best part for me was just the time spent with my daughter. ❤

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