Back in the diet saddle again.

You singing your Gene Autry yet? I am, in that depressed sounding drawl even.

I just went on a lovely little trip, I just blogged about that. While we were on that trip we ate out as we were staying in hotels without kitchens. While it was super fun my daughter and I talked several times about just not feeling well in regards to how we were eating, extra weight. I must have gained 5 lbs of water weight on top of that with all the salt. The best part of my little story as to why I’m on a diet, is the bathroom mirror in our first hotel which showed me just how badly I needed to work much harder at this healthy eating/lifestyle change I keep saying I’m going to do!

Today was day 1. I’m going low carb, low fat. I’m counting calories, I’d rather be counting Weight Watchers points. Here’s my WW point issue though. I have a subscription to Home Chef. They don’t break down their nutritional facts quite enough for WW and I’m just not keen on the paying $19.95 Weight Watchers charges to use their app so, calories it is.. but with a Weight Watchers feel to it. I got out my old diet paper journal, got my first weight and all my measurements, that was fun… yes that was sarcasm.

Today I did rather well, kept my calories where they should be, but nothing worth blogging about. I didn’t get the exercise in that I’m planning on as I was organizing my garage so I could get to my exercise area. Working on the house really puts a damper on the clean garage theory. I’m counting the cleaning and organizing the garage as exercise though. I wasn’t sitting on the couch that’s a plus!

Tomorrow day 2. My goal is to drink more water than today and get that exercise in!

I’ll get a before picture tomorrow, but I’ll post it with a later on picture so we can see my progress. Right now the before picture would just be kinda a bummer!

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