Diet and Exercise: The big flop.

I was blogging for awhile about diet and exercise. During one of my re-vamps of my blog I deleted all my diet and exercise posts, partly because I’d flopped so badly on all of that I wanted to erase my massive failure out of existence.

Well, it still exists. I could go into a history of diet and exercise and my ups and downs, in’s and out’s, but that would be long and boring. So, we’ll start here. I weight more now than I ever have and it’s depressing. I tried going to the whole Keto type diet but, after a fair amount of research and finding out about how unhealthy that is, I decided to go low fat and low carb. How is that going? Well, in the past it went GREAT! Right now… I’m like a fish who flipped herself out of the water, landed on the shore, and is trying to get back to the water.

I started getting Home Chef. I love this. I really hate planning a menu, writing it down, writing out a grocery list, going shopping, putting it away etc etc etc…. Home Chef I just tell them what recipes I want and they deliver all the ingredients and the recipe and all I have to do is cook it. I chose the low fat, low carb.. awesome. That is just dinner however and I only get 4 days a week. I’ve not been as good on the days that I make other plans or other meals. I especially lost my grip when I wasn’t loosing weight. Why am I not loosing weight? I haven’t figured that out yet. Too many calories overall? Not exercising? Too much salt? Hmmm This is the question. I tried the Weight Watchers app, but Home Chef doesn’t break down their nutritional lists as far as WW wants you to. So, I’m stuck there. I’m thinking a diet journal with a calorie count might have to do for now…. Let’s try that…..

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