Healthy Eating, Redefining Self!

21 Day Sugar Detox 3 days pre-detox

Today in my book 21 Day Sugar Detox, I read about carbs.  She talks about how carbs are not the enemy, there are plenty of nutrient rich Whole Foods that have some carbs that your body does need. The book goes into quite a bit of detail about how carbs and how your body breaks down carbs and how your body stores them and how that all works. In a nut shell, you eat too many they turn to fat.

When you work on your meal plan it’s ok and important to eat HEALTHY carbs in moderation.

In my book, Fat Chance, by Dr. Robert H Lustig M.D. I’m reading about stress and eating. A little stress is important to motivate us and to be alive is to have some stress. However when you are stressed over a long period of time your body creates too much of the hormone Cortisol which raises blood pressure, increases blood glucose level and can precipitate diabetes, human research also shows that cortisol specifically increases caloric intake of “comfort foods” (those with high energy density or high fat and high sugar). In these cases Cortisol increases the visceral fat, which is fat associated with cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Adapted from Fat Chance beating the odds against sugar, processed food, obesity and disease. By Robert H. Lustig M.D. I found this book on Amazon if you want to read it. They also have it on Kindle.

That is nearly a snippet of what the book goes on to talk about stress, cortisol, insulin, leptin, changes in brain biochemistry, the effects on the body and the vicious cycle of stress-eating. While I haven’t gotten to the part where he tells us how to get out of the cycle yet I learned a lot about how the body works and why we do the things we do! Why do we eat when we get stressed? If you want to know Dr. Lustig has an answer for that!

To stress is to be alive. However, when we find ourselves in a place where there is stress all the time over a long period of time we can find it hard to find a way out of that constant stress. If there is not a way out of the constant stress there are ways of helping you cope with that stress. Some people find a lot of help in self help books while others really respond better to counseling. Not only will finding a solution to the constant stress increase your quality of life and lets face it, the quality of life of those around you, it’s also clear how important it is for your body as well.

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