Healthy Eating

21 Day Pre-Sugar Detox day 4 Artificial Sweeteners.

Today’s topic is one I’m hugely behind. Artificial sweeteners. Equal, NutraSweet, Sweet One, Sweet’N Low, Splenda even Truvia, “While green stevia is a natural sweetener, when a stevia-containing product is white or present in blended forms such a Truvia, it may present problems similar to those in artificial sweeteners and should be consumed with caution.” 21dsd

I used to drink Diet Coke and I started having some strange issues with twitching that was becoming worse and worse. I had trouble gripping a pen. Then I read about how bad artificial sweeteners are, quit Diet Coke and went back to normal.

Some health problems associated with artificial sweeteners are:

Weight loss resistance, Cancer, Nerve Damage, Migraines and headaches, Dizziness and poor equilibrium, Convulsions and seizures, Nausea and vomiting, Diarrhea, Fatigue and weakness, Changes in mood, Changes in vision, Changes in heart rate, Joint pain, Memory loss, Sleep problems and insomnia, Hives and rashes, there’s even research that suggests artificial sweeteners can increase your risk of type 2 Diabetes.

So, one might think it’s healthier to eat less sugar, yes it is! But, if one thinks it better to instead go to artificial Sweeteners, no it’s not.

So, we round back again to Whole Foods! I’m looking forward to Tuesday and Day 1 of my detox and on the road to feeling better!!

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