Rodan and Fields

My Why…

As a Rodan and Fields consultant you are asked to explain your “why”. Why are you a Rodan and Fields Consultant. This is my why.

For most of us we have insecurities, I for one, have many. Appearance is one of those insecurities most of us can identify with.  It’s our first impression and our outward identity.

I recently had a large family gathering pop up. Like many of these things I wasn’t given a lot of notice. My first thought wasn’t about how excited I was to see everyone, it was about how badly I feel I look. I need to lose weight, I want my hair to grow out, my skin is broken out, I have age spots.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have something pop up and instead of thinking about how you don’t have time to “fix yourself” you were already there?! In addition to the other things I want to fix about myself I joined the Rodan and Field’s team to not only have fabulous skin for myself but to be able to help other’s find their confidence and perhaps join my team and find their own why.

I hope you’ll join me in my journey.

Laura King

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